iTzLàszlo's introduction

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iTzLàszlo's introduction

Post by iTzLàszlo on Mon 28 Sep - 13:27

Hi all, I've already posted something similar to this presentation, but i'd like to use the "form" that Hani has suggested us to make things looks better Wink afro

First name: Enrico
Native language: Italian
Age: 23
Country: Italy
Favorite(s) god(s)/class: Cupid,Neith,Sylvanus,Medusa (ADC,Support)
Your game shedule (only weekend, all the weekend, only in the evening,none, etc): Actually dont have shedule for gaming but i am often online after dinner and at night Smile
Favorite game mod(joust, arena, assault, etc): Joust,Assault,Almost every MOTD (i love cooldown reduction jocolor  geek  lol! )

Do you play to some other online game? Wich one?: I've played mostly Pc MMORPGs such as Aion,Tera,Neverwinter or FPS (Skillz 2 is the one i've played most).I'm playing only Smite at the moment, due of a lack of time  Rolling Eyes  Gettin' Older!
I play the drum and also drummachines, my favourite genre is the hip-hop is in every declination (also read as Trap, Glitch, Hardcore, Conscious, Everything, etc..)
I have a dog, his name is Adam and he is a Dogo Argentino.

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Date d'inscription : 2015-09-23
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