Hi all, welcome fellows!

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Hi all, welcome fellows!

Post by iTzLàszlo on Wed 23 Sep - 17:57

Hi Smiters!
I'm Làszlo and i had this bad idea of creating a clan in smite, actually with no knowledge and just a bunch of skills.
Most of you are better than me in game, but im not here to speak about how much we own the game.
I recently met some nice guys in game, they enjoyed the clan and now we are here!
Special thanks goes to Hanilkhan, who created this forum and he's still working on it.
I hope all officers are going to join the forum, hopefully we'll share just that little that we'll learn, playing together and having fun.
That's all folks.

iTzLàszlo. Lvl 25 Mastery 6, ADC

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Re: Hi all, welcome fellows!

Post by Hanilkhan on Wed 23 Sep - 19:21

Hey welcome here, we have this home now! Razz

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